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We are a learning organization striving to support national education agendas through collaboration and partnerships


Pilot launched in Ghana with 105 low-fee private schools and support from the Ministry of Education.


Partnership with Sesame to create the Techniques for Effective Teaching.


First independent evaluation finds schools’ quality improving.


Full programmatic impact evaluation and needs assessment commissioned.


Core funding for the newly established Global Schools Forum.


Rising Schools Program reaches 600 schools, with a 90% repayment rate.


Covid-19 impact research drives targeted relief grants, enabling 144 vulnerable schools to reopen.


GEM Report on non-state actors launches, following contributions from IDP Foundation.


New partnerships extend programing to Kenya, pushing our total reach to over 1,700 schools.

About Us

We are an active funder and champion of the role played by the affordable non-state sector in complementing state provision to meet national education goals

As a family foundation, we’re agile enough to fund and invest in programs and organizations where an assumed risk may prevent other donors participating.

We’re passionate about strengthening the global education system via an all-hands-on-deck approach, giving children in all settings access to quality education. As an international team with a long-standing presence in Ghana, we’re focused on thinking outside-the-box on the issues impacting learning outcomes in low to lower-middle income countries.

Our focus is two-fold. Firstly, for the mixed economy of education provision – and the contribution of non-state actors – to be recognized and integrated into national education discourse, so that all providers receive tailored support. Secondly, we focus on actively funding organizations who support low-fee private schools today, while telling the story of their organic nature by empowering the voice of local actors and beneficiaries.

We believe in the power of partnerships to achieve our mission. Our aim is to support sustainable community-built education provision, as part of an affordable non-state sector (ANS) that complements public education systems and is governed within a central framework. We’re guided by the principle that the best way forward is to empower local actors to create change.
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Greater access to quality education for all children in underserved communities

Our mission is to participate in building a sustainable education ecosystem that embraces a mixed economy of provision, and caters for all children through access to finance for low-fee private schools, quality interventions and advocacy in Africa and beyond.

We are an active funder and champion for the complementary role that the non-state education sector plays in supporting national education systemsWe are also a learning organization striving to respond to the needs of the parts of the education sector that are so often overlooked. Although deeply connected and committed to the global education movement, our independence gives us the freedom to think big, be led by our partners, and empower local actors to test, learn and adapt, to accelerate progress.

Education is prioritized as the key to breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty, by ensuring all children have access to a quality education provided by a well-organized system that encompasses both the public and private sectors.

Building capability beyond aid is the most effective answer

Designing market-based solutions for the underprivileged supports economic development

Working in partnership and empowering local communities is key to sustainability

Advocating for effective alliances harnesses the power of the collective

Being prepared to embrace risks leads to more inclusive results

Acting as a catalyst leverages further funding

Want to work with us?

As a learning organization, we’re committed to participating in a collective movement for real change in education provision. We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in partnering, collaborating, or working with us.

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