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Liesel Pritzker Simmons

Vice Chair & Co-Founder


Liesel co-founded the IDP Foundation with her mother, Irene Pritzker in 2009. She actively worked on the initial set up of the foundation, establishing the original partnerships, and helped to shape the education financing model in the early years of the foundation. She currently serves as Vice-Chair of the IDPF board where she shares responsibility for overseeing the foundation’s strategic direction, finance, and leadership. She is also the Chair of the Investment Committee which oversees all the advisors and fund managers and serves as the guidance body for the endowment’s investment strategy.

Liesel is also co-founder of Blue Haven Initiative with her husband, Ian Simmons. Their investment portfolios, restructured to be impact-driven, became the foundation of Blue Haven, one of the first family offices created with impact investing as its focus.

As well as working closely with entrepreneurs, nonprofits and co-investors on companies and initiatives that create social, environmental and financial value, Liesel develops strategic partnerships with organizations that support and advance more informed investing.

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