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What We Believe

The world’s future depends on universal access to quality education, yet we fail to ensure this for all children worldwide

Governments are responsible for providing quality free education for all children, however in many developing countries this is not happening, despite often meeting, or exceeding, recommended UNESCO benchmarks on budget allocation. After being inspired by local actors striving to change learning outcomes for underserved communities on a visit to Ghana in 2008, IDP Foundation has been committed to addressing the gap in quality education provision. As a funding partner and champion of the affordable non-state education sector (ANS), we believe that low-fee private schools play a crucial role in complementing public education in low and lower-middle income countries where access to quality education is a challenge. We call for the global recognition, integration and support of this sector as part of an all-hands-on-deck approach to building resilience into national education systems. At the heart of our mission is working in partnership with a broad network of stakeholders to improve access to, and quality of, all education for all children, now.

Our Theory of Change

Improving access to quality education for all children, now

We believe in empowering local actors who support low-fee private schools with access to finance and training in underserved communities.

Creating learner-focused classrooms for all children, now

We are committed to identifying and funding local and global actors driven to improve learning outcomes in low to no-connectivity settings.

Championing a connected system of all education for all children, now

We focus on collaboration and partnerships with peers, advocates, practitioners, and governments.


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