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Global Schools Forum (GSF)

Global Schools Forum is an independent not-for-profit membership organization of school operators supporting non-state organizations to provide quality education to low-income families.

Ghana National Association of Private Schools (GNAPS)

Formed in 1973, GNAPS is a non-political and non-sectarian body comprising the largest umbrella body of private school owners at pre-tertiary level in Ghana. GNAPS advocates for the support of private schools in Ghana, to promote and protect their economic and social interests, and support their development and management. Championing the interests of low fee private schools, it serves as an information link between Ghana Education Service and public and private Schools within Ghana’s districts.

Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC)

GTEC regulates tertiary education, to promote efficient and effective administration, accreditation and quality of service delivery in tertiary institutions in Ghana, including the National Colleges of Education. Within the National Colleges of Education GTEC introduced the new curriculum that trainee teachers will use at all levels of education once they enter the classroom. It ensures the advancement and application of knowledge through teaching, research and collaboration with industry and public sector, to ensure the development of appropriate human capital for the sustainable advancement of Ghana’s economy.

Ghana Education Services (GES)

GES is a government agency under the Ministry of Education, and is responsible for implementing government pre-tertiary educational policies and programs that ensure Ghanaians of school-going age receive quality formal education.

Ministry of Education, Ghana

The Ministry of Education (MoE) Ghana was established to formulate and coordinate education policies, set standards, and monitor and evaluate their implementation. It works to ensure quality education is accessible for all Ghanaians, in support of human capital and national development.

National Schools Inspectorate Authority (NaSIA)

NaSIA is an agency under Ghana’s Ministry of Education, mandated to develop, publish, promote, and license all public and private pre-tertiary schools, and enforce the highest standards for quality education in public and private pre-tertiary educational institutions across Ghana.

CUTS Accra

CUTS Accra is a nationally recognized think-tank with both a regional (West Africa) and global presence. Through research, analysis, advocacy, and capacity-building activities in partnership with local state and non-state actors, CUTS influences government policy and legislation in health, tax policy and other social sectors.

Stronger Foundations for Nutrition

Stronger Foundations for Nutrition is a membership community of philanthropies and corporate foundations spanning four continents, working together to end malnutrition and build a stronger world. Stronger Foundations serves as a forum where philanthropists can identify and strengthen investments within the global nutrition landscape, find synergies between investments and seek opportunities for co-investment. They also provide a venue for emerging and in-country voices to increase the visibility and impact of their work by partnering with private funders to receive support through capacity building and/or financial support.

Jacobs Foundation

The Jacobs Foundation, headquartered in Zurich, supports learning systems to provide young people with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, tools, and equitable opportunities to reach their learning potential and thrive.

Education Finance Network

Funded by USAID to develop a community of practice alongside the education work of the CATALYZE program, the Education Finance Network was developed to bring together diverse education stakeholders to leverage non-state resources to create inclusive, high-quality education systems where disadvantaged learners have equal access to quality education.

Lego Foundation

With a mission to “Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow”, non-profit organization Lego Foundation make LEGO products accessible for less privileged children globally, through donation programmes like LEGO Charity, Care for Education, and Care for LEGO Local Communities. As part of our partnership, they donated 300 Play Boxes to schools participating in Phase 2 of the Techniques For Effective Teaching program.
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