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CUTS Accra

CUTS Accra is a nationally recognized think-tank with both a regional (West Africa) and global presence. Through research, analysis, advocacy, and capacity-building activities in partnership with local state and non-state actors, CUTS influences government policy and legislation in health, tax policy and other social sectors.

This partnership aims to improve the policy environment for the affordable non-state sector (ANS) in Ghana and beyond, by strengthening CUTS’ position as a key advocacy partner, improving their ability to produce education-focused evidence, and facilitate policy dialogue. To enable this, funding from IDP Foundation has targeted organizational development, constitutional review, and strategic planning.

CUTS is currently undertaking a discovery phase to understand the ANS landscape, and the most effective methods of influence to develop a strategy for national advocacy, to achieve systemic change. This learning opportunity will inform CUTS’ role in contributing to advocacy for the low-fee private school (LFPS) sector in Ghana, and beyond. And it will also include the necessary knowledge expansion, strategy setting and operational planning for effective LFPS advocacy.

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