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Ghana Education Services (GES)

GES is a government agency under the Ministry of Education, and is responsible for implementing government pre-tertiary educational policies and programs that ensure Ghanaians of school-going age receive quality formal education.

The GES acknowledges and appreciates private sector support for the educational needs of the country. Private schools date back to the days of Missionaries in the mid to late 1800’s, where Ghanaian families were educated in literacy and numeracy. GES is also aware of the many private schools across all regions of Ghana, which led them to set up a Private School Unit (PSU) to further support the private sector. Part of this support is to provide teacher training through In-Service Education and Training (INSET).

In line with this, in August 2016 IDP Foundation committed its support for GES in training teachers from schools that have participated in the IDP Rising Schools Program, using GES structures such as INSET.

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