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Meet a Low-Fee Private School Proprietor: David Boakye

Taking out a loan through the Rising Schools Program increased David’s effectiveness in his ability to lead his staff, manage the state of the school, strengthen the community, handle repayments responsibly, and even open a savings account through Sinapi Aba Savings and Loan.
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Sesame Workshop Up to IDP Foundation, Inc.’s Challenge

The IDP Rising Schools Program has proven that through carefully tailored loan products accompanied by specialized training in financial literacy and school management, very poor private schools in Ghana are bankable. Now, the IDP Foundation, Inc. has turned its attention to improving the quality of teaching in these low-cost private schools, whose teachers are largely untrained and have little access to professional development opportunities.
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Putting our Corpus to Work – The IDP Foundation Embraces Impact Investing

At the IDP Foundation, we are always looking for ways to maximize our impact. We work hard to find highly effective, but underfunded programs that address clear needs in education and healthcare – and if we can’t find the right program…well, we build it ourselves! This is the approach we took when we created the IDP Rising Schools Program several years ago.
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