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Opinion: World Bank education investment is needed in nonstate sector

IDP Foundation’s CEO Corina Gardner’s opinion piece in Devex emphasizes a need for investment by The World Bank in the affordable non-state education sector to support initiatives that provide vital education opportunities for vulnerable children, helping achieve global education goals. If we extend support to low-fee private schools we are extending support to all education for all children, now. Taking an all-hands-on-deck approach feels like the only way forward and must include the hands of local actors committed to building a better educational future from the ground up. However, resistance remains, with these schools too often ignored, whether willfully or systematically, keeping SDG 4 far out of reach.
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The role of non-state schools in paving the way to universal basic education

IDP Foundation’s CEO Corina Gardner’s writes for the Global Partnership on Education blog on the important role of low-fee private schools in contributing to national education budgets and support national education goals. This piece looks at the growth of the sector as a significant part of a mixed economy of education provision and the financial challenges faced by education as a whole.
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