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Techniques for Effective Teaching: Making Teaching and Learning Fun

August 2018
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Earlier this month, teachers, proprietors and head teachers from 45 schools that have participated in the Rising Schools Program (RSP) in Ghana gathered for another Master Teacher Training session in the Techniques for Effective Teaching (TFET), led by Sesame Workshop.

Participants using the TFET lessons in classroom practice

With the addition of 4 new modules – girls’ inclusion in the classroom, early education and child development, learning through play, and creating an inclusive learning environment – teachers have now been trained on 14 key elements of child-friendly teaching. After the Master Teacher Training is completed, the teachers will bring what they have learned to their schools, by leading a step-down training for their colleagues.

This pivotal partnership between the IDP Foundation (IDPF) and Sesame Workshop began in 2011. Many teachers at low-fee private schools are untrained, and not provided with many classroom management skills. After witnessing the rote learning methods used in schools throughout Ghana (including RSP schools), IDPF approached Sesame Workshop to partner and develop the TFET program. The program focuses on the encouragement of imagination, and the spirit of inquiry, by providing child-centered teacher training with low-cost materials and videos featuring the colorful Muppets of Sesame Street. The four new modules offer even more techniques and tools for teachers to maximize learning, while creating an inviting and inclusive classroom environment.

Participants practicing a hands-on learning activity

During the Master Teacher Training, the teachers are not just learning from the child development experts at Sesame Workshop, but are able to directly engage with the learning materials through practice. During the learning through play module, participants discussed the importance of integrating play-based activities into their lessons, and practiced this through a game of hopscotch that teaches equations, number identification and even practices fine motor skills. The response from the teachers was extremely positive, with many noting how play can promote active and improved learning, as well as social and emotional development. This most recent training session also introduced new LEGO playboxes, made possible by a generous donation from the LEGO Foundation. Teachers were able to bring out their inner children by experiencing the fun of LEGO for themselves, and learning ways to incorporate the educational toys in the classroom.

The four new modules offer even more techniques and tools for teachers to maximize learning while creating an inviting and inclusive classroom environment.

The TFET program provides teachers in the RSP schools with the unique opportunity to experience hands-on learning, which can be passed along to other teachers to benefit their students. More importantly, it demonstrates that learning can be fun,engaging, and effective. We look forward to seeing even more students and teachers benefiting from the TFET lessons throughout our many RSP schools!

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