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Priestland Educational Centre: Effective Accounting Records and Loan Management

October 2017
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Proprietor: Lawrence Asare Korenteng
School: Priestland Educational Centre

Tell us about a success (es) you have had since completing the IDP Rising Schools Program?

The Rising Schools Program training has been an eye-opener for me, and miraculous for Priestland Educational Centre. I received the training in 2014, and since then, the benefits and changes have been enormous. For instance, I have been keeping better accounting records. We always cross check the number of students present and absent, so that we will know how to account for the canteen and school fees. Every fee is recorded with a receipt, and that money is deposited in the school’s bank account that we opened at Sinapi Aba.
Initially, we applied for an infrastructure loan to assist with some school building repairs and enhancements. We have been able to manage loan payments excellently. Overall, the school finances are managed well, and this is thanks to the IDP Rising Schools Program.

Life has been fantastic since joining the IDP Rising Schools Program. Lawrence Asare Korenteng

How did you achieve that success?
The success was achieved as a result of instantly implementing knowledge acquired from the training program. We realized that implementing what we learned right away was best, instead of trying to set a timeframe.

How is life different for you, your students, your teachers, your parents, and/or your community because of your success?
Life has been fantastic since joining the Rising Schools Program. The school has been physically updated; there are better accounting records, and more effective loan management. So far very good!
With regard to parents, fee payments have become simpler since implementing daily collection.
Students and teachers are happier with the learning environment, and academic activities have become more effective and enjoyable due to newer, more spacious classrooms.

What are the next steps that need to be taken to continue your progress?
Currently, we have a loan serviced through Sinapi Aba for some of the previously mentioned projects. Next, I would like to obtain another loan to finish renovating the rest of the school. Everything from here on out will be for construction.

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