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Opportunity International (OI)

OI is a global institution dedicated to helping clients transform out of poverty. It operates in 23 countries across the globe, serving nearly 10 million clients with micro loans, savings, micro insurance and non-financial services.

OI is the member of a Funders Platform in Ghana, convened by IDP Foundation. Focused on improving access to quality education in Ghana, this platform enables its members to achieve greater impact, enhance collaboration and avoid program overlap, through better coordination of capital targeted specifically at low-fee private schools (LFPS) in Ghana. OI originally brought IDP Foundation’s founder, Irene Pritzker to Ghana and introduced her to Sinapi Aba Trust. Following this they actively facilitated the first grant from IDPF to Sinapi Aba Trust to catalyze the pilot for the Rising Schools Program. Together, IDPF and OI tested the efficacy of giving loans to low-fee private schools, the initial success of which inspired OI’s thriving global EduFinance program.

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