At the IDP Foundation, Inc. we are always looking for ways to maximize our social impact – to inspire innovation, development and progress. We give strategically, employing the same deliberate approach to grantmaking as we do with our impact investing.

We support all forms of advancing human knowledge, whether it be furthering education in Africa, supporting medical research in the U.S., or other areas. We view our grants* as catalytic seed stage funding and like to see our contributions leverage further resources. We look for the future scalability, replication, and sustainability of every program and research project we fund. We do this by thoroughly examining every grant and investment opportunity that comes our way.

Our approach to grantmaking also includes bringing people together. We see tremendous value in utilizing our network to connect like-minded groups and encourage the formation of new relationships to maximize impact. To many of our grantees, we have become more than just a funder. We have become a trusted resource, advisor, and partner.

Learn more about our grant recipients and the medical researchers we fund.

*Please note that the IDP Foundation, Inc. is currently not accepting unsolicited grant requests.

The grants we have made have always facilitated further funding for each of the researchers we have supported. We see these grants as catalytic seed stage capital, supporting programs, partnerships, research and ventures that have the potential for widespread impact.

Irene Pritzker, President & CEO of the IDP Foundation, Inc.

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