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New teacher and school leader training initiative: Tools for Foundational Learning Improvement (TFLI)

May 2024
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IDP Foundation is excited to officially announce the launch of a new initiative, Tools for Foundational Learning Improvement (TFLI), an integrated approach to empowering great teaching and school leadership co-created by Inspiring Teachers and Centre for Professional Development, Training and Education (CPDTE) in partnership with IDP Foundation.  

With teachers in non-state schools educating a third of Ghana’s children today and school leaders both overstretched and under-equipped, the TFLI program aims to equip them with the tools to succeed in the classroom. 

“With a well-integrated package of support, teachers in even the most challenging settings can make a transformative difference in the classroom. Our teams are obsessed with finding ever better ways to help educators improve learning outcomes. With that driving us, we are thrilled to partner with IDP Foundation to strengthen our platform and run programs to equip teachers and leaders in schools across Ghana with the tools they need to ensure every child builds strong foundational skills.” – Simon Graffy, Co-Founder & CEO, Inspiring Teachers  

 In 2023, Inspiring Teachers begun working closely with CPDTE to create and deliver an integrated package of tools, training and support that enables low-fee private schools to both improve their educational effectiveness and build their resilience. The program has since been designed and is being tested in 20 LFPS and has already received recognition from Ghana’s National Teaching Council (NTC) 

“Over the last year, we’ve launched a mixture of foundational literacy-focused structured pedagogy and school leader-led peer coaching programs in 20 schools. We’ve had huge demand for these programs, and results have been encouraging.” – Dr Larbi Mantey, Program Director, TFLI & Executive Secretary of CPDTE 

 Significant headway has been made so far, with the program already providing training to 45 school leaders and 195 teachers and reaching around 5,000 students. Moving forward, the program aims to reach an additional 40 schools this year. 

We are very excited about this new partnership and have big expectations and hopes that, through our partnership with government, it has the potential to scale across both state and non-state schools, empowering teachers, increasing motivation, and improving foundational learning outcomes among their students.” – Corina Gardner, CEO, IDP Foundation 

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