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T is for…Teachers!

May 2018
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The second phase of the partnership between Sesame Workshop and IDP Foundation, Inc. on the Techniques for Effective Teaching (TFET) series is in full swing!

This training program consists of an easy-to-follow guide of formative concepts on instruction and classroom management, through engaging videos for teachers in low-resource schools. The second phase of TFET includes additional video modules that give teachers strategies to help children learn through play, and how to create inclusive classrooms. Sesame Workshop has designed TFET as a ‘train-the-trainer’ model, where these strategies are first taught to teacher master trainers at low-resource schools, who will then train others at their schools.

Another key update to the program includes greater involvement by the government in Ghana. We have created a Central Work Committee with representatives from the Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service, among others. We have also signed an MOU with the Ghana Education Service to strengthen collaboration and oversight.

Students using their new learning materials

The first groups of teachers have just finished their master training at three centers in and around Ghana’s capital, Accra. They were so excited to learn how to make new kinds of teaching and learning materials, such as classroom responsibility charts, alphabet boards, and other posters using recycled newspapers and magazines!

One teacher shows off her alphabet poster creation!

Thanks to all our facilitators for the patience, love, and all the qualities of a good teacher you can think of. Mavis, a teacher attending the TFET training

As these teachers implement and train others on these new techniques at their schools, we are concurrently conducting an evaluation of their progress through the organization NORC. So far, the feedback from teachers has been very positive, with one teacher, Mavis, saying, “Thanks to all our facilitators for the patience, love, and all the qualities of a good teacher you can think of.”

We are honored to work with teachers like Mavis who are eager to bring out the best in the students – and it is a privilege to be part of their efforts to improve the quality of education in Ghana!

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