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NORC Impact Assessment: Midline I Report

June 2019
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This Midline I Report evaluated the emerging impact of Sesame’s Techniques for Effective Teaching (TFET) program on teachers’ understandings, perceptions, and application of new pedagogic techniques. Classroom observations were carried out in three schools, two of which were part of the TFET program, and one that had received no training.

Some key findings from the Midline I report were:

  • The dominant classroom discourse style entails chorusing, chanting, repetition, and recitation.
  • There are some indications of surface-level and partial program uptake, especially in the use of LEGOs, display of materials, and activities that make the classroom fun and interactive.
  • Participants positively view the training as practical and hands-on.
  • Challenges to adopting pupil-centered literacy techniques include a lack of 1) textual resources (e.g. storybooks, Big Books, etc.) and 2) teachers’ knowledge of teaching reading.
  • Differentiation, teaching with low-cost resources, and positive discipline are the most frequently positively cited modules – reported as practical, useful, and empowering.
  • Proprietors report a lack of teacher education, and dominance of traditional teaching approaches impede the use of new pupil-centered techniques.


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