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Irene Pritzker Featured on Forefront Radio Podcast

July 2016

Irene Pritzker

Chair & Co-Founder

Eric Weinheimer, Forefront President and CEO; Irene Pritzker, IDP Foundation, Inc. Co-Founder and President

Recently, Irene Pritzker sat down to speak with Eric Weinheimer, President and CEO of Forefront, about impact investing. IDP Foundation focuses on aligning investments with mission in an effort to maximize economic and social returns on investment. She discussed the motivation behind this move and subsequent actions the Foundation took to invest impactfully. The two also discuss why impact investing has recently gained traction, especially in Chicago and among millennials.

Based in Chicago but serving all of Illinois, Forefront is the only statewide membership association in the United States for nonprofits, public agencies and philanthropic organizations. They have over 1,100 members who benefit from the advocacy, professional development, and educational tools they provide to the nonprofit sector. In doing so, Forefront cultivates innovation, new talent, and, as a result, enhances the quality of services organizations are able to provide to their constituents.

You can learn more about Forefront’s work and members at their website.

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