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IDP Foundation Celebrates 15 Years of Impact

February 2024
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This year IDP Foundation is marking 15 years since the inception of the Rising Schools Program, Ghana, in partnership with Sinapi Aba Savings & Loans. To date, the foundation has reached over 220,000 learners, of which 53% are female, across more than 1,000 schools with one third female-ownership. IDPF marked this special occasion on the opening night of the GSF annual meeting in Accra on 6th February 2024, with a conversation between Rising Schools Program alumni, proprietors, NASIA and GNAPS and an address from Chair & Co-Founder, Irene Pritzker alongside Tony Fosu Gyasi from Sinapi Aba.

Watch our impact video:

Irene Pritzker commented on the last 15 years, “IDP Foundation is proud to celebrate 15 years of powerful partnerships that engineer locally-driven change. We have listened, learnt and adapted, while recognizing the importance of collaborating with government. The Rising Schools Program in Ghana has been the success of many committed stakeholders working together to turn an innovative idea into a scalable reality, that focuses on improving all education for all children, now. We are also proud to be part of Global Schools Forum as a fast-expanding forum that facilitates this collective action so we can get all-hands-on-deck for SDG 4.”

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