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IDP Foundation Co-founder and Chairwoman, Irene Pritzker, announces new leadership structure and appoints Corina Gardner as CEO

November 2021
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IDP Foundation Co-founder and Chairwoman, Irene Pritzker


After more than a decade at the helm of IDP Foundation, Irene Pritzker, who has worked tirelessly with partners on the ground in Ghana to improve access to education for low-income communities, has handed the baton to the new CEO, Corina Gardner, formerly the foundation’s Executive Director. Irene will remain as Co-founder and Chairwoman, alongside her daughter Liesel Pritzker Simmons, Co-founder and Director, and continue to be a central part of the foundation’s passion, supporting Corina and her team in the next phase of their work towards education equity in Africa and beyond.

In her new role as CEO, Corina will be responsible for the foundation’s commitment to funding partners who can strengthen and advocate for the affordable non-state education sector as a contributor to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal on inclusive and equitable quality education for all. Alongside this, Irene and the foundation’s board will continue to support other areas of smart philanthropy through grant-making from the headquarters in Chicago.

IDP Foundation CEO, Corina Gardner
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