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IDPF Featured in New Book as a “Disruptive Innovator”

January 2019
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We are very proud to share that the IDP Foundation, Inc. (IDPF) is featured in the highly anticipated Clayton Christensen book, The Prosperity Paradox: How Innovation Can Lift Nations Out of Poverty.
The new book, released on Jan 15, 2019, discusses global poverty and the way in which many investments in economic development do not generate sustainable prosperity, even if there are many noble efforts to do just that. The Prosperity Paradox offers a new approach to economic development that has sustainability at its core, focusing on entrepreneurship and market-creating innovation instead of the traditional top-down efforts.

It is an approach the IDPF wholeheartedly supports. So, when co-authors Clayton Christensen, Efosa Ojomo, and Karen Dillon asked to feature us in their book as an example of “disruptive innovation” we were honored to be acknowledged.

Our 10-year journey of creating and implementing the Rising Schools Program in Ghana exemplifies this tactic. We knew that the answer to increasing educational choices for low-income families not served by the public school system wasn’t to simply build new schools. Rather, we sought to empower communities to strengthen what they already have.
We went where most banks were reluctant to go. We partnered with a local financial institution, Sinapi Aba, to provide loans, along with financial literacy and school management training to owners of existing low-fee private schools, to help them grow. Previously, lending to school owners serving families of such economic distress was regarded as too risky. IDPF took that risk – and it has paid off. Today, nearly 600 school owners in Ghana serving more than 138,000 students have benefited from the IDP Rising Schools Program, leaving us with a proven sustainable and replicable model.

Read more about IDPF’s journey and the other impressive initiatives highlighted in The Prosperity Paradox. Order your copy here.

Once again, congratulations to the authors on a riveting book!

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