Established in 2008 as a registered 501(c)3 organization, the IDP Foundation, Inc. is a private non-profit foundation dedicated to encouraging and supporting the development of innovative and sustainable solutions to complex global issues. Specifically, we support local and international partners who innovate, develop and see progress in all forms of learning, from critical medical research to classroom education.

We believe that education is key to conquering many of the world’s greatest challenges. We believe that everyone should have equal access to educational opportunities to break the cycle of poverty. We believe that a combination of smart philanthropy and investment can galvanize solutions to make that future a reality.

We give strategically. For us this means, among other things, taking a rigorous approach to due diligence to understand the existing landscape in the work we support. We view our philanthropic dollars as catalytic capital and seek opportunities that will enable growth and leverage additional funding for the future scalability, replication and sustainability of every program we support.

Our keystone initiative is the IDP Rising Schools Program, a groundbreaking education finance and training initiative created to empower existing low-fee private schools across Ghana. The program was developed as an innovative and sustainable model for improving educational infrastructure in private schools serving low-income families and has since demonstrated that with adequate training, these school owners can improve their management and efficiently use their newly found loans to sustain and improve their institutions.

Our Vision

To create a world where everyone has an equal right to learn. We look at philanthropy as a means to support sustainable investment in educational and social impact initiatives that move away from aid.

We look at our investments within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals and apply rigorous analytics to measure our social impact.

Our Mission

To encourage and support innovation, development, and progress in every program we either support or in which we invest.

Our Strategy

  • Stimulate socioeconomic growth through innovative market-based solutions.
  • Provide catalytic seed stage capital to leverage other funding.
  • Target support to replicable, sustainable programs.
  • Advocate for, and engage in effective alliances, partnerships, and collaborations.
  • Be prepared to embrace risk.
  • Understand that some initiatives might take a long time to bear fruit. Smart philanthropy often requires patience.

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