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Teachers on the frontline of COVID-19 learning loss: why independent low-fee private schools need support now more than ever

As Ghana’s independent low-fee private schools settle into the third term of the year and exams loom on the horizon, proprietors and teachers have the unprecedented task of trying to combat the challenges of learning loss, financial instability, and lack of staff. Following 10 months of school closures last year and the passionate efforts of school proprietors to safely open their doors, the focus is on bridging the learning gap. While these schools are battling to keep their classrooms open, as well as support their pupils in catching up by extending hours and term times, their resilience is self-determined with limited external support. Without formal state intervention, any future pandemic waves could close their doors for good, resulting in a spike of out-of-school children across Ghana.
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Essential Needs of LFPS in the context of COVID-19: An assessment by Associates for Change

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the education sector around the world, and will continue to do so for some time to come. School closures alone are estimated by UNESCO (in 2020) to have affected over 1.1 billion students worldwide. While the pandemic has affected all corners of life across every community, education in the developing world has had its own unique set of challenges, from lack of access to remote learning channels to little financial support for independent low fee private schools (LFPS).
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How IDP Foundation COVID-19 Relief Program Is Supporting Vulnerable Low Fee Private Schools in Ghana To Remain Open During These Difficult times

Urgent relief grants have been disbursed to the most vulnerable schools in our IDP Rising Schools Program in Ghana. The school proprietors from our program are passionate education entrepreneurs who have devoted their time and resources to serving their communities. When their schools were forced to close for 10 months due to COVID-19, it was a significant blow.
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