Chris Academy

TFET Success Stories

Chris Academy is one of the nearly 150 schools that have participated in phase one of the Techniques for Effective Teaching (TFET) Program. Since incorporating the child-centered teaching techniques, the school’s proprietor, Christiana Adu Kyeremeh, has witnessed significant changes.

She utilizes the TFET modules and materials during the school’s weekly teacher meetings and has the teachers practice together after watching and discussing the videos. Prior to participating in the TFET Program, teachers at Chris Academy were not very engaged during teacher meeting discussions. After incorporating TFET into the teacher development sessions, the feedback from the educators has been extremely positive.

One of the greatest benefits of enrolling in the TFET Program is witnessing the change in my teachers’ attitudes. They are more confident and relaxed. Christiana Adu Kyeremeh

While the teaching methods are new strategies for Chris Academy teachers, the play-based learning and child-centered techniques have improved the way that teachers are instructing students and managing their classrooms. One teacher even mentioned that she never knew teaching could be fun until she watched the TFET module videos and saw how to make learning exciting for everyone.

“The Sesame videos have helped my teachers significantly,” says Christiana. “The instructors’ skills and attitudes towards teaching have changed for the better. I have also seen positive changes in students’ attitudes."

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