Supporting programs through research

At the IDP Foundation, Inc. (IDPF) we believe in supporting programs and partners that encourage innovation, development, and progress.

However, we know that responsible philanthropy often requires patience, and investing in research assessments is key to understanding our efforts and the initiatives we support. To appreciate the full scope of how our programs are running, we seek out the most qualified researchers in the field.

Learn more about the research commissioned for the Techniques for Effective Teaching program and for the IDP Rising Schools Program.

In addition to multiple research projects for the programs described above, we also fund general research that engages education stakeholders in conversations about the inclusion of low-fee private schools and the contribution they make to the developing world. Those two reports are described below.

The Business of Education in Africa

The Business of Education in Africa May 2017


The Business of Education in Africa May 2017

This report, led by Caerus Capital, shows the many opportunities education policymakers and investors have to leverage the private sector in their education systems. The research involved nearly 260 interviews and consultations with global education-sector leaders representing donors, private providers, investors, and government officials. Research covered more than 135 private not-for-profit and for-profit education case studies.

Some key findings from the report are:

  • 21% of pupils (one in five) are educated in the private sector (at the time of the study).
  • Despite significant gains, 30 million children in sub-Saharan Africa still have no access to any form of schooling.
  • Private sector education is growing faster than public across most education segments in sub-Saharan Africa, from primary to secondary and higher education.
  • Private education in Africa offers a $16 billion-$18 billion investment opportunity over the next five years.

The report also suggests various solutions to engaging the private sector and exploring public-private partnerships, which can assist in addressing Africa’s educational challenges.

Ghana Research with Ark's Education Partnerships Group (EPG)

Ghana Research with Ark's Education Partnerships Group (EPG) Coming Soon

Ghana Research with Ark's Education Partnerships Group (EPG) Coming Soon

EPG and IDPF have partnered to undertake a study exploring the school- and household-related factors associated with learning and the observed disparities in Ghanaian government and private schools. Ghana’s Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Ghana Education Service (GES) are also engaged in this project and are committed to utilizing the evidence that is gathered. The research aims to understand what is driving the inequity of schooling outcomes—and determine which factors are school-driven and which are household-driven (including child-related factors).

The study will be made up of five key components: classroom observations, teacher interviews, teacher knowledge assessments, head teacher interviews, and parent/guardian interviews.

Stay tuned for more information soon.

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