Established in 2008 as a registered 501(c)3 organization, the IDP Foundation, Inc. is a private non-profit foundation dedicated to encouraging and supporting the development of innovative and sustainable solutions to complex global issues. We view our philanthropic dollars as patient, catalytic capital, allowing us the flexibility to support both local and international programs in a variety of ways.

We seek to eliminate barriers to quality education in Africa while stimulating development by supporting market-based solutions, public private partnerships, and social enterprise development in education and other sectors.

The IDP Foundation’s keystone initiative is the IDP Rising Schools Program, an education finance and training initiative, which was developed in Ghana as a model for improving educational infrastructure in existing low-fee private schools that serve low-income communities. This multi-faceted program is rapidly scaling and is proving to be a viable, sustainable model that can be replicated around the world.

Additionally, the IDP Foundation is deeply committed to supporting critical medical research.

Our Vision

Eliminate barriers to quality education in Africa, while stimulating socioeconomic growth and development.

Our Mission

Cultivate social entrepreneurship in education through market-based solutions and public-private partnerships.

Our Strategy

> Increase the impact of the IDP Rising School Program by expanding in Ghana, replicating in other countries, and adding/augmenting existing quality mechanisms

> Advocate for and develop education ecosystems for the low-fee privates school sector, through public-private partnerships that complement government provision

> Invest in/grant to social enterprise development in education and other sectors

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