UNESCO Global Monitoring Report Launch

On October 16th, UNESCO launched the 2012 Education For All Global Monitoring Report in Paris, France. Madam Irina Bokova invited IDP Foundation, Inc. President Irene Pritzker to speak about the IDP Rising Schools Program and the need for public-private partnerships in education in areas of the world where the government-provided education disappoints. “I want to challenge you today to reconsider our approach to education the 61 million children still out of primary school, because obviously what we have been doing is falling far short of our goals,” began Mrs. Pritkzer. Her speech, shown below, called on people to expand their thinking beyond current methods of funding basic education and to embrace low-cost for-profit schools. The Foundation is proud to have represented this sector to this specific audience and hopes that further partnerships will form from the event.

Irene Pritzker UNESCO Global Montioring Report Speech from IDP Foundation, Inc. on Vimeo.

Above: Photos from the UNESCO Global Monitoring Report Launch. You can read Mrs. Pritzker’s speech here and you can watch a full video of the event here.