TFET Modules

The Techniques for Effective Teaching (TFET) Program is designed for preprimary and primary school teachers, some who have not had the opportunity for formal training or qualifications.

TFET is comprised of 14 modules, each consisting of a ten-minute video and accompanying lessons delivered through an interactive in-person training and print materials.

Featuring topics such as Positive Discipline and Classroom Management and Developing and Teaching with Creative, Low-Cost Resources, these lessons provide foundational concepts and clear guidelines for teachers to establish a creative, child-friendly learning environment that inspires interactive and exploratory learning. TFET is an effective and fun resource for school administrators to develop the professional growth of their teaching staff year after year.

Learn more about IDPF and Sesame Workshop’s collaborative approach, and how the TFET program is successfully impacting schools in the IDP Rising Schools Program.

If you want to incorporate the TFET Program into your teacher education curriculum or among your in-service professional development offerings, please contact IDPF.

Watch the Modules

Access the individual video modules below. To obtain copies of the essential supplemental resources for implementing a TFET training course, please contact IDPF.

TFET Module 1: The Fundamentals of Teaching

TFET Module 2: Developing a Child Friendly Classroom

TFET Module 3: Positive Discipline and Classroom Management

TFET Module 4: Developing and Teaching with Creative, Low-Cost Resources

TFET Module 5: Pupil-Centered Learning for English Literacy

TFET Module 6: Pupil-Centered Learning for Mathematics

TFET Module 7: Time Management

TFET Module 8: Practical Ways to Make the Classroom Creative and Fun

TFET Module 9: Differentiated Instruction

TFET Module 10: Evaluation and Assessment

TFET Module 11: Girls’ Education and Inclusion in the Classroom

TFET Module 12: Ensuring an Inclusive Learning Environment

TFET Module 13: Early Education and Child Development

TFET Module 14: Learning Through Play

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