East Village Youth Program

The IDP Foundation, Inc. supports the East Village Youth Program (EVYP) as a social investment in the futures of Latino youth. The mission of EVYP rests closely with that of the Educational Training & Research mission of the IDP Foundation, Inc.

The mission of the East Village Youth Program is to encourage and prepare primarily low-income, Latino youth for a college education. EVYP further strives to support these youth as they pursue their college degrees and enter professional careers.

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Congratulations to the East Village Youth Program
…Making college dreams come true with 100% success!
March 2012

At the IDP Foundation Inc., we believe that education is the way to conquer the world’s greatest challenges.  We provide grant support to the East Village Youth Program that has achieved amazing results with increasing college enrollment for primarily low-income, Latino students since its inception in 1989.   Through tutoring, mentoring, guest speakers and college visits, the motivated students of the EVYP are provided the assistance they need to prepare them to attend a four-year college or university after high school.

EVYP high school students meet one day a week after school. Students are required to maintain participation, attendance and grades in order to be a part of the program.  EVYP’s ultimate goal is to increase the probability that its participants will enroll in a four-year college or university and graduate. A secondary, but not less important goal is to help its students develop into mature, discerning, productive adults that will lead fulfilling lives and contribute to their communities in leadership and community service.  One hundred percent of the EVYP seniors of the class of 2011 went on to college. The success of the program continues!

Many EVYP students stay involved even after they graduate and they remain a valuable part of the EVYP. Some alumni contribute as board members, tutoring volunteers, and interns to show their continued support for a program that truly helped them find success in education. We are proud to support the efforts of the East Village Youth Program in Chicago, IL.