Baah Memorial School

Apaaso, Ashanti Region, Ghana

Started in 2005 by proprietor and trained teacher Lily Baah, Baah Memorial School began as just a nursery with six students that later expanded to additional grade levels, now reaching up to JHS3 (grade 9).

As parents realized that the students at Baah Memorial School were performing better than at other schools and students were speaking English, Lily’s enrollment increased. This growth required improved infrastructure to support the expanding student body.

My school has a bright future because I know that the IDP Rising Schools Program will support me. Lily Baah, Proprietor of Baah Memorial School

After joining the IDP Rising Schools program and completing its financial literacy and school management training, Lily has since acquired a total of seven loans. The first two loans, totaling about 8,000 Ghanaian cedis (5,200 USD), were used to build 11 classrooms, which helped increase enrollment from 200 students in 2010 to 580 in 2012. Her third and fourth loans were used to purchase a school bus and repair an old vehicle, totaling 21,000 Ghanaian cedis (13,400 USD). Additionally, she built gender separated restrooms and a dormitory so that her junior high school students could study for their examinations.

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