Sesame Workshop Partnership

Making teaching and learning fun.

Effective teaching techniques that promote critical and creative thinking are often lacking in the developing world, where the norm has been rote learning, which can limit the spirit of inquiry.

In an effort to encourage teachers to utilize child-centered techniques, and expose them to innovative ways of thinking about teaching, the IDP Foundation contracted Sesame Workshop, the American educational institution that created Sesame Street, to design ten 10-minute videos for teacher education.

The goals of the program are to promote a child’s social and emotional development, and build professional pride amongst teachers.

These easily-accessible videos have been well-received and have proven to be highly-useful, relevant and easy to implement.

The videos focus on ten key areas:

  1. The Fundamentals of Teaching
  2. Developing a Child-Friendly Classroom
  3. Positive Discipline and Classroom Management
  4. Developing and Teaching with Creative, Low-Cost Resources
  5. Pupil-Centered Learning in English Literacy
  6. Pupil-Centered Learning in Mathematics
  7. Time Management
  8. Practical Ways to Make the Classroom Creative and Fun
  9. Differentiated Instruction
  10. Evaluation and Assessment

In an effort to support high-quality education in Ghana, IDP Foundation, Inc. and Sesame Workshop partnered to create an engaging and innovative set of 10 teacher training videos


Below are our great tools for teachers.

Download Sesame Workshop Teachers’ Guide

Download Sesame Workshop Evaluation Report

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