Partnership with Sesame Workshop

sesameThe IDP Rising Schools Program seeks to holistically serve under-privileged low-income schools in Ghana.  As part of this Program, the IDP Foundation contracted Sesame Workshop, the American educational institution that created Sesame Street, to design ten 10-minute videos for teacher education.In May 2012, the program entitled Techniques for Effective Teaching was formally introduced by Irene Pritzker, the President of the IDP Foundation, Inc., and H. Melvin Ming, President and CEO of Sesame Workshop, during the UNESCO-hosted panel discussion “Impact of Public-Private Partnerships in Education: An Evidence-Based Approach.”YouTube Preview ImageThe videos seek to promote child-centered, active teaching and learning in the classroom by focusing on ten key areas:IMG_2276

  1. The Fundamentals of Teaching
  2. Developing a Child-Friendly Classroom
  3. Positive Discipline and Classroom Management
  4. Developing and Teaching with Creative, Low-Cost Resources
  5. Pupil-Centered Learning in English Literacy
  6. Pupil-Centered Learning in Mathematics
  7. Time Management
  8. Practical Ways to Make the Classroom Creative and Fun
  9. Differentiated Instruction
  10. Evaluation and Assessment

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To view an excerpt of the video from Module 2, “Developing a Child-Friendly Learning Space,” click the video link below


These photos show a glimpse into the Teacher Training provided by Sesame Workshop.

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