In 2014, the IDP Foundation provided a grant to RefuSHE to support the Girls’ Empowerment Project. RefuSHE’s Girls’ Empowerment Project (GEP) is an alternative education program that allows participants to access education and livelihood opportunities, learn about their human rights, and to cultivate leadership skills.

The GEP provides alternative education tailored to each participant’s individual needs, including basic education courses, life-skills development, vocational training and income-generation. The curriculum of our adult education component is based on the national Department of Education’s Non-Formal Adult Education Guidelines and consists of three levels, corresponding with formal primary school grades 1-8. The final level preps participants for the Kenya Certificate for Primary Education (KCPE).

While still attending class, students are invited to join a twelve-month tailoring course, an entrepreneurship-training program where participants design, produce, and market a line of hand-dyed scarves, allowing them to begin to earn and save income. The program also has an onsite nursery allowing young mothers to attend classes.

Access to education enables young refugee women and girls to achieve socio-economic opportunities that will ultimately reduce their vulnerabilities to abuse and exploitation. RefuSHE provides young refugee women and girls with the holistic education and skills they need to empower them to participate meaningfully as leaders in their communities. The proven protection strategy, grounded firmly in education, is in line with the IDP Foundation’s philosophy that everyone should have equal access to educational opportunities to break the cycle of poverty.

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