The IDP Foundation loves recognizing the Branch Coordinators of the IDP Rising Schools Program (IDPRSP) for their passion and commitment to making the program successful and sustainable.

Our Branch Coordinators are in charge of leading the proprietor trainings, visiting the schools, and many other responsibilities.

This month, our valued partners at Sinapi Aba recommended we highlight Samuel (Sammy) Owusu of the Mankessim Branch in the Central Region of Ghana. Sammy has worked at Sinapi Aba for five years and stands out due to his incredible dedication to helping the proprietors and schools participating in the IDPRSP in reaching their full potential. He is inspired by the proprietors to work hard to ensure the schools have access to the resources they need to provide a better learning environment.

Sammy often gets calls from proprietors he works with to tell him how much the program has impacted their schools for the better. Once, he received a call from a proprietor that said, “Sammy, you should come and see your school, you have changed the place. The parents, teachers and children are very happy with the new school building.” Sammy truly enjoys hearing this feedback and witnessing the positive effect the IDPRS program has on many communities, describing it as not just “great” but “heart touching.”

The training has opened their minds to a new way of managing the school.” Sammy Owusu

When asked about his experience with the program and the impact the financial literacy and school management trainings and access to loans have on proprietors, he explains the transformation that takes place when participating in IDPRSP: “The training has opened their minds to a new way of managing the school.”

With hopes of owning his own school one day, Sammy is also driven by his branch team and attributes much of his success to their continued support.

IDPF is so lucky to have Branch Coordinators such as Sammy working with us to make the IDP Rising Schools Program what it is today!

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