We are happy to announce our Branch Coordinator for December: Daniel Aboagye! Each month we ask our Sinapi Aba team to help us choose a BC that went above and beyond and deserves to be recognized for their hard work.

Our BCs are integral members of the IDP Rising Schools Program team and have helped us reach over 138,000 students. Whether monitoring schools’ progress through the program or visiting low-fee private schools in remote areas to introduce proprietors to the program, the BCs keep the IDPRSP running smoothly. Daniel’s strong relationships with the school proprietors and his overall commitment to the program have made him stand out among the many nominations this month.

The Mataheko branch is proud that Daniel has been a Branch Coordinator with them for four years. He loves being able to work closely with the school proprietors, providing the training and loans that transform the schools into suitable learning spaces. His inspiration comes from seeing proprietors work tirelessly towards creating a positive learning environment and are increasing access to education in their communities by building more classrooms or providing buses for students to get to school on time.

Daniel attributes his accomplishments to his ability to connect with the school owners he meets every day: “My relationships with the proprietors have been the cornerstone of my success.” Because he has put in the time to truly understand and listen to proprietors over the years, they are eager to communicate their needs so they can tackle issues together as they arise. We are so grateful for his continued service to the IDP Rising Schools Program - congratulations to Daniel Aboagye!

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