Announcing the Branch Coordinator for September…Patience Donkor!

Each month we ask our partners at Sinapi Aba to recommend a Branch Coordinator that has stood out over the past month to recognize for their dedication to the IDP Rising Schools Program (IDPRSP). From site visits to leading the proprietor trainings, our Branch Coordinators are an integral part of the on-the-ground team that keeps the IDPRSP running smoothly.

This month, the team chose Patience Donkor of the Bibiani branch as the Branch Coordinator for September. Among other things, Patience has stood out by showing a strong commitment to building supportive relationships with the IDPRSP proprietors.

Patience has worked with Sinapi Aba for 10 years. She loves the opportunity Sinapi and the IDPRSP has given her to support her local community by providing free consultancy services to the area’s school proprietors. Through these services, including financial and school management trainings, Patience has witnessed the massive infrastructural development and increase in enrollment of many IDPRSP schools and is inspired by their growth every day.

It makes me feel so proud and humbled at the same time to have been part of their success story.” -Patience Donkor

The secret to Patience’s success is truly understanding the proprietors and schools she works with in order to grow deep and trusting relationships with them. She commits wholeheartedly to her work and deserves to be recognized for her dedication. Congratulations Patience!

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