The IDP Foundation, Inc. is a private foundation and a registered 501(c)3 organization and was established as a grantmaking, non-profit institution in 2008. The IDP Foundation is dedicated to developing programs that are sustainable and move away from aid dependent models. We believe a combination of smart philanthropy and investment solutions can be galvanized to make that future a reality. The keystone program of the IDP Foundation is the IDP Rising Schools Program which was launched in 2009 in Ghana to boost the development of existing low-cost private schools by efficiently delivering financial and capacity building services in an innovative way designed to move away from aid based programs.In addition to the IDP Rising Schools Program, grants and investments are given to further support the educational mission and strategies of the IDP Foundation, Inc.

To look at philanthropy as a means to support sustainable investment in educational and social impact initiatives.

To develop innovative, scalable and replicable programs through sustainable initiatives that move away from aid based models and lead to greater progress in the achievement of Education for All for the most deprived.

We believe that education is the way to conquer the world’s greatest challenges. We believe that everyone should have equal access to educational opportunities to break the cycle of poverty. We believe that a combination of smart philanthropy and investment can galvanize solutions to make that future a reality.

We look critically at key issues in education and provide a broad range of grants, investment, and program development services to meet the needs of those we serve. From pre-schools to post-doctoral scientific and medical research, we strive to support and create successful educational advancement.

IDP Foundation, Inc. Officers and Staff

Irene Pritzker

Liesel Pritzker Simmons

Donna D. Scali
Treasurer, Scali & Associates P.C.

Robert Wexler
Secretary, Adler & Colvin

Alison Ehlke
Administrator & Grants Manager  aehlke@idpfoundation.org

Allison Rohner
Executive Director
IDP Rising Schools Program arohner@idpfoundation.org

Benedicta Boateng-Apeadu
Country Director
IDP Rising Schools Program

Jenna O’Brien
Program and Research Coordinator

James Sims III
Senior Communications Manager

Micki Burton
Administrative Assistant


Watch a short video on the IDP Rising Schools Program, the IDP Foundation’s keystone program.

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