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New IDP Foundation, Inc. commissioned report offers new evidence from a rapidly diversifying landscape of low-fee private schools.

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Education can conquer the world's problems

Access to education breaks the cycle of poverty

Smart philanthropy and investment galvanize solutions

The IDP Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to encouraging and supporting the development of innovative and sustainable solutions to complex global issues.

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Success in IDP Rising Schools Program

Baah Memorial School

Started in 2005 by proprietor and trained teacher Lily Baah, Baah Memorial School began as just a nursery with six students that later expanded to additional grade levels, now reaching up to JHS3 (grade 9).

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From Our Grantees

Eneza Education

Eneza Education, originally launched in Kenya, is both a virtual tutor and teaching assistant that is accessible via subscription service on a low-cost mobile phone. For a low weekly or monthly fee, students are able to access locally al…

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Gordon Brown Delivers Lecture at the UN: “Promises Made to Children are Sacred”

Gordon Brown Delivers Lecture at the UN: “Promises Made to Children are Sacred”

On Wednesday, April 19 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, The Irene D. Pritzker/IDP Foundation Distinguished Lecture on Social and Economic Development, co-hosted by Read More

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